Tuesday, 4 February 2014


The news of my demise is premature, but I cannot refute it.
The machine I occupy knows the date and time, but not I.
The radio may speak, sing and dance, but I pay no heed.

My Facebook page is a lasting memorial I cannot see.
I am still sixteen and unformed, but old as a Pharaoh,
And like them, I lie hidden away for an age.

In this place there is no darkness, but my eyes are closed.
There is a chink in my doom, but no light penetrates.
The game is a plan filled with waiting, hope and stillness.

Those that love me are holding me close, far scattered as they are.
Those I love are hovering around me, and though I am so heavy in them,
They reside as bubbles that float and bump above my bed.

The clock on the wall, watching, makes no comment.
My months are rolls of the Moon, yet the Earth is still.
Medicine may be my true friend, but not just yet.

As I lie here on this threshold, in sight of the Light, live on for me.
Take each day you are granted, with me inside you,
And let my love play in the sunlit fields of your mind.

Colin Morgan


  1. The thought that our destiny is already written is a scary one... but even if we could read that book... could we do anything? Like how you connected it to Facebook as an eulogy... but if we live in love does it really matter... we all know how it's gonna end

  2. "We are stardust, We are golden..." Joni Mitchel. That's where we go when the sun blows up. Until then, who knows--anything you know about your future only makes it happen. Interesting write, good read. >KB

  3. Colin, I really liked this reflective poem a lot. I do think it is something that a person does tend to think about on occasion. I like "the machine I occupy knows the date and time." This may be true. I once read a poem by an author I cannot remember now who said every year we pass the anniversary of our death, but it is an anniversary we do NOT celebrate. I would like to die with my loved ones holding me close, as you wrote...and yes, I too, think I will wish that they will take EACH day they are granted & use them well!

    1. Hi Mary, the subject of this poem - the daughter of a friend - has now thankfully recovered from the coma, but at the time her future was not and could not be known. Thank you for your thoughts and comments.

    2. Wow, thank god... Glad to know shes OK

  4. there are some interesting contrasts in this one colin....at least through to the last stanza...i like the hope in that...that they carry your life on...and in that, when someone passes we do carry on bits of them letting them live beyond the grave....

  5. So thought-provoking, Colin and I see in your comments it was based on someone you know. As we go through life and begin more and more to encounter life I think these thoughts are frequent visitors. Nice.

  6. this really brought tears to my eyes colin... even more when reading victoria's comment that it is about someone you know..so tough...

  7. I like this Colin, especially the hope to carry a piece of one forward as part of us. My tribute post tonight was for just such a writer. Good write friend.

  8. Some expressions which really stand out, feel very vivid to me: 'a chink in my doom', 'Those I love are hovering around me, and though I am so heavy in them', 'the sunlit fields of your mind'. Frightening yet beautiful in a stark and simple way.

  9. 'My months are rolls of the Moon, yet the Earth is still.'

    This is beautiful. I teach the phases of the moon and I think this encapsulates why I teach Earth Science. Thank you so much.

  10. An interesting poem, lovely.

  11. Don't know why my comment disappeared! :-(
    This is a gem of a poem Colin-i specially loved the 4th para:-)Must be dreadful for someone so young to be in a coma-the uncertainty,the waiting,the hope must be nerve wracking!Am also glad to note that the young girl recovered:-)