Monday, 2 December 2013


Once upon a long year, until it was begun,
A silence blankly reigned, we were devoid of fun.

And never did we realise, time was slipping by
As the TV yipped along, sapping all our sighs.

Then out from a corner, stepped a mystic beast,
Bowing but not smiling, with an invite to a feast.

Out into the night we flew, with all the lights a blur,
Eyes glistening with fear, on the beast with golden fur.

To a lazy mirror lake, where we set down on a boat,
With lights and dancing shadows, to spend the night afloat.

The eve was young and pretty, the revels just begun,
When out of the blackness, a terrific storm did come.

We tightened down the vessel, and cowered ‘neath the mast,
Sharing warmth snuggled up, whilst the night did last.

But come the raging morning, with no escape in sight,
Our mystic beast did rouse us, pressing us to flight.

So buffeted and blasted, we flung into the air,
And driving through the spray, soon arrived at its lair.

And there among the foul rocks, we passed some hours in fear,
Whilst the creature twitched and glowered, ‘til the storm began to clear.

Hungry as we were, we dared not hope for bread,
And the beast was clearly troubled, as it turned to us and said:

‘You have followed me too far, too far to make it home,
‘Now you become kin with me, and along with me will roam.

‘The boat is lost, the lights are gone,
‘We are the last, we shall be one.’

Then began our third flight, across the swollen lake,
Where the beast with her cries, did a powerful mantra make.

Now in this barren range, away from earth and you,
We see life broad and simple, fresh and full and new.

So any quiet evening, with nothing much to do
Look sharp, content and occupied, or we’ll come and visit you!

Colin Morgan