Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Wonderful proud clusters,
Quiet in green shirts on the bank,
Standing tall to herald the inoffensive Spring,
Your shiny golden best is breathtaking.

Nurtured by the nihilistic darkness,
Bulbous in blunt armoured love,
Life is unfolding in floods of sap,
Soaring to parade.

Such unquestioned lemon brightness,
Unbidden in the wicked wilderness,
And the staring little man passes,
Distorted, distracted:

Grotesque reflection
Of horror and light.
You remain oblivious,
Uniformly erect in your single pleasure.

Colin Morgan  


  1. Interesting subject. I will return to read a few more times. >KB

  2. The title got my attention first. The second last stanza really caught my attention...

  3. Great contrast here in subject matter--I wonder how much light and darkness they all were able to see then

  4. I know he was a painter - is this to one of his pieces? I'm sure some enterprising fantasy writer has penned a what-if whereby he followed that path, rather ~

  5. yikes....this is scary in context...makes me think of the breeding of the perfect race...now translating into flowers..that last stanza puts a fine point on it....

  6. goodness...i couldn't think of a stronger contrast than a man like hitler and daffodils...just one is spreading good seeds - the other....

  7. I had to read this a couple of times to really feel your intense observation here.... It's entirely true.... Every bit of love and beauty that we know exists in their own single purpose, to shine in the glory of their very being. Yet the powers of evil can manipulate those things to create a parade of adornment to itself..... That lesson should never be forgotten and you put it so exquisitely elegant here..... This is intense, great poetry.....

  8. I didn't expect the strength and contrast. Hitler and daffodils never would have occurred to me. Excellent

  9. Daffodil yellow is such a bright, cheerful colour... and yet yellow is also the colour of the Star of David which Hitler made Jewish people sew on... very clever contrast, but perhaps not quite so surprising.

  10. Well done. Eerie when one considers the comparisons of daffodils and Aryan perfection - golden hair etc. or, as someone has just mentioned, the bright yellow of the Star of David the Jews were made to wear sewn on their clothes...Hitler having other dimensions besides the evil ones is frightening to the rest of us, I think. To invest him with any kind of humanity doesn't bear thinking about...


  11. This is such a good poem, the contrasts are subtle and intelligent...the last stanza makes me think of Nature's indifference to all things human - the laughter, tragedy, folly, good and evil.