Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Let me out - freedom spirits august reason
Sending each thought with passion

Think of here as bent from time
The objects fickle as young love

Think of soul as forever bent away from time
To stand spired through reality forever

Think of body as ruled by rules
Subject to a cliff top fall

Think of love - love beyond reason
As lasting outside the universal all

Meeting souls meld in fever
Allowing the dot forever to fuse

As death removes us from clock world
This moment - it can never close

Colin Morgan  


  1. as death removes us from clock world.... i cannot even imagine how it will be without being tied to time any more... it must be wonderful

  2. Well, no one knows what's out there really. Could be worse that hear, or just the void of not being anything. >KB

  3. this is a mindbender colin...i am not quite sure what to make of it....it feels as if seperating to stand apart...i like the bringing back together in the last couple stanzas...

  4. Ambitious stuff Colin but you carry it off - your last four lines really nail it for me...

  5. really strong close, Colin, and I also favor this line: Think of here as bent from time. ~

  6. This has such a sense of transformation about it.

  7. The dot fusing forever - reminded me of John Donne, perhaps also because of the clock analogy.

  8. Oh.............absolutely glorious!