Tuesday, 26 November 2013


I took my love for you and drowned it like a kitten
But I will still talk to you now and then.
As the body rots inside, only the soft fur is left.
But I remember that look from those eyes;
The irretrievable flicker of life is remembered
But lost in the tight mouth and eyes of death.

Can we expect civility when cymbals crash in mind?
Why split open the wound sewn so tight?
When might a relaxed air rest between us?
How long can the anguish crush each move?
When are the embers too cold to be rekindled?

Who can resurrect my pretty soft drowned kitten love?

Colin Morgan  


  1. Only Poetry can. That is what it does best, speak to the heart. >KB

  2. oh heck...tough and painful images in this....but sounds like not all is lost... and i do hope that the love can be rekindled... hey...love is really very resurectable...smiles

  3. A drowned kitten says it all. I like the line about a relaxed air resting between ...

  4. Love lost like a drowned kitten.. those images are beyond stark, they are haunting and heartbreaking...

  5. dang...alarming imagery...the drowning of the cat...the preservation of the fur...and strong questions to ask as well...quite emotive...

  6. You will; you obviously have a soft and beautiful heart. A very touching poem.

  7. Agreed, very powerful images. I hope writing about it helped to sew the wound back up.

  8. Strong imagery , emotive and a cool piece.

  9. Very well done piece. I love how the first line grabs. Oh, I know these thoughts too well. :-)

  10. That first line is brilliant - it draws the reader (me) in and doesn't let go.

  11. The opening image is so striking and so perfect. Well told Colin.

  12. Wow. Powerful first line, then the reluctant resentment & anger, the wish for it not to be so. This is very moving. I hope you answered your question, with this.