Tuesday, 12 November 2013


I am the first baby Martian,
My parents as familiar in metal suits as dressing gowns,
My world a hemisphere of tech.

My head is light, my limbs slender - I am their Space Monkey.
I would bound around like a lemur, but there isn’t the space.

Oh, and your Earth is a star.
I can find you in the sky - a blue point of light against the cosmic pin pricks.
So many stories I have heard – open air, China, Pitcairn Island, camels, London, dragons. Oceans, flowers, rain. 
And people.

Should you ever fall out among yourselves and stop sending our cargo here
we will watch your silent star in the night,
until our eyes close too.

Colin Morgan  


  1. Seems this should be read aloud with "ground control to major Tom"--in the background.

  2. Another interesting idea in this poem, Colin - and well-presented too

  3. Hi Colin, Imaginative choice of theme - I especially liked your final two lines: "we will watch your silent star in the night,
    until our eyes close too." quite penetrating... With Best Wishes Scott www.scotthastie.com

  4. ha. tim got it right....i was thinking of that song...what an interesting view of life from another planet as well...where what we know is just a star in their sky...

  5. fantasticly Sci-Fi-esque written so imaginatively. Wonderful :)