Tuesday, 22 October 2013

DEATH at my BIRTH averted

had i been allowed to die i
would have been there,
an extra at heaven's party,
pure, perhaps a little slow on the uptake,
but warm and cosy with you all.

but i lived by decanted blood and '60s tricks,
and becoming divided by trivia
am a lost dead soul among the living now,
committing crime in suburban banal precincts
and a blackness covers me.

so does fire await me on that
dawn when satisfying
the final

Colin Morgan  


  1. This was an interesting question? saved at birth to commit crimes and burn in hell...ouch... lost dead soul among the living....

  2. in the end our lives will be judged for what they are...
    but this does play at some interesting questions
    that could be muddled over sharing a beer, maybe.

  3. You've opened quite the theological can of worms here, Colin. Like Brian, I think this kind of discussion works best with beer ... although not too much beer ... smiles

  4. I have a similar story, although I essentially "averted death before birth." My mom had an abortion and apparently I wasn't having it. Some would say it's a miracle, some would call it luck... I don't know what to call it. & I don't know why your poem made me think of that just know. I guess your words gave birth to some of my own. To a poet, there's no better compliment. Very interesting questions, indeed.

  5. Good questions, yet the answer is not with us, but the Creator (for those who believe), who knows what good and bad one does, and how it stacks up against others? A person's true soul no one knows...I've got carried away lol. Thought provoking poetry, a great read. :)

  6. Very nice. Short yet deep. Hopefully god is the forgiving type, he/she almost has to be! :-)

  7. Thought provoking poem! lovely!

  8. Ouch! Now my brain hurts with this can of worms you've opened up! Well done!

  9. An intriguing question, thanks for giving me something to ruminate with.